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Helping Your Organization Find a Path to Success

Johnston Associates, LLC helps you succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace with our skills in government relations, business development, public relations, grant strategy, and other services. We provide the necessary support and guidance so your organization can achieve its objectives and thrive.

Public Relations

The team at Johnston Associates employs a personalized approach to help clients achieve their strategice communications goals. With our extensive contacts within state, local and national media outlets, Johnston Associates can deliver successful results effectively and efficiently.

Government Relations

Johnston Associates has built trusted relationships with senior government officials on Beacon Hill and Capitol Hill. We deliver our clients' cases directly and effectively to the decision-makers, paving the way for productive relationships and successful outcomes. 

Healthcare Consulting

With our firm's extensive background in healthcare policy and regulatory oversight, Johnston Associates is a leading consulting firm working with hospitals, community health centers, payors and health organizations.

Public Affairs and Community Outreach

Working with community leaders and elected officials, we are able to engage and activate allies for your project. Promoting the positive impact, while respectfully and thoughtfully addressing local concern, Johnston Associates can help move a project from the concept phase to reality.

Grant and Fundraising Strategy 

Our team of grant researchers and writers is professional trained to monitor all public and private grant opportunities for our clients. We have an excellent track record of success in identifying funding opportunities for our clients, and assisting them in the application process.

Executive Leadership Positioning and Development

Through executive positioning, Johnston Associates helps build your personal brand while managing your organization's message and integrity. Utilizing our industry insight and vast connections, we generate momentum around your reputation as a leading expert in your field. 

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